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Wuling and Bentley kiss again, and this time the Bentley driver actually sits

2018-03-14 03:12:00

Don't worry about the road ahead without friends, no one knows Xiaoyanjun! Hello everyone, I am the car know-it-all, the car small white dragon, the famous universe invincible handsome Xiaoyanjun, is not a little excited to see me here! No problem, come on, let's share today's happy moment! Let's get started. Let's get down to business! Bentley, one of the world's top luxury car manufacturers, with its headquarters in Crewe, England, is a world-renowned brand. Today we are going to talk about this Bentley car, but it can be a car accident, a Wuling and the value of 3 million Bentley accident scene, as you can see in the picture below,


However, the car accident is not as we thought at the beginning, at first Xiaobian thought it was the Wuling hit Bentley, after seeing the picture, Xiaobian understood that it was the Bentley hit Wuling. According to the scene of the Wuling owner said that he stopped here to wait for the traffic light, at first he did see a car behind the car came over, did not think of this suddenly, he gave himself a rear-end, due to the intensity of the collision, he almost did not knock on the steering wheel. When I finally looked down, I realized that a Bentley had hit me.


From the figure, we can see that the Bentley's head is deformed, and it is estimated that the speed is not slow, and the engine should also be affected here. According to Wuling owner said, when he got off to see this luxury car is also scared, what more than 3 million luxury cars, can hit such, their Wuling seems not so serious ah.


Although the people in the two cars are OK, but the owner of the Bentley is not good, his more than 3 million cars hit this way, it is really uncomfortable, a sitting on the side of the road, people are also Meng, can not react. Finally, rest for a while, Bentley owners slowly came back to God, according to his own said that a careless estimate of the wrong distance, this just hit up, a careless to make their own car, is indeed heartache. Sitting on the side of the road and weeping.


The Bentley owner estimates that it is not easy to buy this car, looking at his expression, the original onlookers have advised him to look away. But then again, the accident is also Bentley's responsibility, so sloppy owners, fortunately no one was injured this time, if something happens how to do. Xiaobian also reminds the owners again, when driving to be careful, do not covet a moment of pleasure, drive fast, which is very dangerous.


Well, dear friends, today's article is to share with you here, if you have any different views on this, welcome to comment at the bottom of the article to express your views, I will carefully read each of your messages ~