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Xinjiekou subway food - boiled broccoli

2018-03-07 19:12:00

I don't know if you have been here before, if you have, have you tried the food in the shops of Xinjiekou Subway? I rarely look for food in the Xinjiekou subway shops. I always feel that all the food in the shops is aimed at people coming and going. In terms of safety, I dare not agree with them. In the Xinjikou subway shop search a circle, you will find all kinds of delicious snacks, feast is really a lot, from McDonald's, Korean food to small wontons, hot and sour powder, Chinese and foreign food in the ground down a big competition. "The subway smells," a friend described to me, with the impression that more and more of the aroma of food wafted into the subway. Once a netizen on the forum description is very interesting: "Line 1 is sour and hot powder flavor, line 2 is fried pork." More and more food "goes underground", tempting pedestrians to smell and taste buds. But how does it taste? Really rely on their own to experience, I posted today, is the three small editors last Saturday personally to explore the results, here to write to show you. If you have the chance to come, in addition to traveling, you can also personally explore the food of Xiaxinjiekou subway, to see whether such food will also make you linger


Ingredients: Broccoli, carrot, red pepper, Lee Kum Kee steamed fish soy sauce.


Wash broccoli and break to desired size; Wash carrots and red peppers and cut into desired shapes;


Add water to the pot and bring to a boil. Put broccoli and carrots into the pot and blanch them. Turn off the heat when the water is about to boil.


Pick up the broccoli and carrots and put them on a plate. Sprinkle with red pepper.


In a small bowl, pour 2 tablespoons of steamed fish soy sauce, add 1 tablespoon of cooking oil, add 2 tablespoons of water just blanched vegetables to dilute the concentration, and pour over the hot broccoli.