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Yamaha electric guitar price, how to see the quality of an electric guitar

2018-02-22 06:24:00

On how to choose a good electric guitar without a speaker, the following steps should be followed. First, look at the appearance of the electric guitar workmanship is exquisite, including the head, the body, the strings, the strings, the knob, the switch, etc.; Second, we should look at whether the color of the electric guitar exterior spray paint is pure and bright, and whether the spray painting process is uniform and fine; Third, try again to play the guitar according to the string feel is smooth, comfortable; Although there is no pronunciation through the speaker, you can still hear a little sound when playing the piano, so that you can listen carefully to whether the intonation of each character of the guitar is accurate; This is how to choose an electric guitar without a speaker. Of course, you'd better pick an electric guitar in the case of a speaker, so that you can know whether the guitar's sound is good; Of course, you also have to consider the price of the guitar you can afford.