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Yandang Mountain traffic and food guide

2018-03-20 12:48:57

Yandang Mountain is located in the city and city of southeast China. "Zaijingtang collection" said: "Yandang Mountain to Oujiang natural fracture, divided into north Yandang Mountain and south Yandang Mountain. In February 2005, Yandang Mountain, known as the "ancient volcano diorama", was designated as a global Geopark by UNESCO, because the park's structure and geological exhibition hall are located in the North Yandang Mountain, which is also known as the Yandang Mountain. 297 km, 68 km. It began to develop in the Southern and Northern Dynasties, Xing in the Tang Dynasty, Sheng in the Song Dynasty, known as "the best in the world", "sea" reputation, history known as "the first mountain in the southeast". The broad Yandang Mountain landscape, from the north to the south including Wenling scenic spot, Yueqing Xiansheng Gate scenic spot, two Ling scenic spot, Daguqiu scenic spot, Ming Wang Feng scenic spot, scenic spot and east-west cave scenic spot.


Yandang from the urban Yongqiang airport 80 kilometers (a road), less than 2 hours by car, chartered to about 250-300 yuan; North from the city's airport is only 60 kilometers (highway), less than 1 hour by car, chartered to about 200 yuan. It's cheaper to fly from anywhere. The airport flies to 12:50 every day, the announced price is 980 yuan, and flies to Pudong at 19:15 every day, the announced price is 430 yuan. Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 10:20, the published price is 1350 yuan, in addition, there are flights to (1357), (123567), (37), (37), (246), (246), (1357), (37), (123567), (37), (37), (37). The new bus South Station opposite the railway station has air-conditioned coaches to Yandang Mountain at 7:30, 9:30, 10:30, 13:30 and 15:30 every day. The fare is 27 yuan. If you can't wait for the tour bus, you can also take 33 bus at the railway station to An Lanting dock ferry to Ou North, take the minibus to Dajing, the direction of the bus, the fare is 25 yuan, about 2 hours to Yandang town (Baixi), and then transfer to the scenic area bus, to Yandang Mountain scenic spot Ring Ling Head (10 minutes to reach, the fare is 2 yuan).


The car from the start of the whole 220 kilometers (80 kilometers of highway, 140 kilometers of first-class highway), about 4 hours, in the 104 national highway Yandang town (Baixi) off, the train is very many. From the departure of Yandang Mountain tourist bus station is located next to the Yandang hotel in Xianglingtou, there are direct high-speed buses between Yandang Mountain and East bus station every day at 7:00, 14:00, the whole 350 kilometers, basically take the highway, 5 hours by car, the ticket price is 85 yuan (including a fast food). From the departure to Yandang Mountain, in addition to taking the train to transfer, you can also directly take a long-distance bus to. Zhi new bus station (Zhi Road No. 249) also has direct Yandang Mountain north bus, 14:00 departure, more than 7 hours to reach, Yandang Mountain back to Shanghai car 17:10 open, ticket price off-season 130 yuan, peak season 150 yuan. Another sleeper bus sent to Yueqing, 22:30 from the road subway station next to the Minli Road No. 233 long-distance passenger station departure (Sheng Jin, ticket price 130 yuan), take the high speed, the next morning at 4:00 to Yandang Mountain town (Baixi) 104 national road intersection.


Internal transportation bus peak season to the main scenic spots in the scenic area (" two spirits and a dragon ") have green minibuses can be reached, full of 10 people that open, the price is very cheap, from the easternmost 104 National Road Yandang Town (Baixi) intersection to the western end of the Big dragon Qiu, also only 6.5 yuan. If there are few tourists in the off-season, the bus in the scenic area will not be opened according to the "fare table" (because the fare is not enough for the driver to pay the tunnel toll and parking fees). So buses became taxis, and you had to charter them. But 80-100 yuan can pack a car for an afternoon (a person can cut down to 60 yuan). A bag for the whole day is 200 yuan minimum. As long as a little grasp, an afternoon is enough for you to swim "two spirits and one dragon". As for going to other scenic spots other than "two spirits and one dragon", the road is far away, the chartered bus is expensive, and the average tourist rarely sets foot in it.


Yandang Mountain food: Yandang Mountain eight dishes: minced chicken and fragrant fish, Pan Dragon play beads, Yandang stone Frog, potato game Casserole, beautiful yellow croaker, clam tofu soup, green shrimp, halal sea crab. In the taste of seafood delicious at the same time, should pay attention to the body, especially the northern tourists, must not overeat. To Yandang Mountain, but also have to taste its unique traditional flavor snacks. Many tourists have said after visiting Yandang: "View the mountain scenery, taste snacks, seafood, happy." Yandang snacks pay attention to color and fragrance, as long as the view of its color, smell its aroma, the appetite is wide open, the famous are fragrant snails, sweet potato vermicelli soup, Yandang pancakes, rice vermicelli noodles, fennel five flavors of dried bean curd, mung bean noodles.

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