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You can also easily create beautiful souvenir albums with your hands

2018-02-21 03:12:00

The souvenir book is not only for yourself, family, relatives and friends, but also part of the decoration of a warm home. In the 1990s, the film/negative was taken to Kodak to develop, and then bought a photo album to put the photos into the album (now some friends should still have more or less 1 or 2 faded photo albums at the bottom of the box at home). And now we often say that the album, the main categories are: photo album, wedding album, classmate record, party album and so on. Generally, the photos are copied to the studio for design and production; But often finally get the album is not 100% satisfied (not the design ability problem, but different people on the album layout requirements are not the same, even if repeated communication, can only deepen the designer's understanding of the design requirements, but the designer can not 100% understanding, there is an old saying as proof "not the worm in the belly..." In fact, we can design and typeset ourselves, and only give it to the worker to make it, which can not only increase the meaning of the album, but also save the design cost. Don't say "I can't design", "Photoshop is too hard"... In other words, the design is always difficult but we learn mathematics and geometry in middle school, and I believe that I can make photo typesetting. Commonly used photo layout design software 1: (many girls are in the use of software), the official text and video tutorial 2: Light and shadow magic hand (and similar software, depending on personal preferences)3: PS(photoshop, professional picture design software, from beginners to senior Dan are in use of software), personal recommendations to download Photoshop 8.0 green version can (just photo layout design, there is no need to use such a complex advanced version), online just a search can find more than N tutorials and examples. Album design size general album for 10P(20 pages), you can add or subtract the number of pages, the following figure for each album reference size album finished preview 1: growth record book 2: photo album 3: couple album 4: wedding photo album So far, the album will complete the design part of the work, the next is to let the producer for processing and ordering. Because ordinary users can not directly to the work (the work is batch processing, not external scattered orders), so the average user can only choose to submit to the photography studio or production. Many users know that the price of the studio is not cheap, in fact, this is only the surface, the studio is also transferred to the work specializing in post-processing to earn the difference. Therefore, we can directly customize the post-design (art station image design, MCGO design studio, etc.)