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You can dye your hair at home without going to the salon

2018-03-18 19:12:56

Do you have no idea what hair color suits you and what color will make your skin look white and red? Have you ever had a disappointing hair color experience? Today we will teach you how to choose your hair color and how to make your favorite color at the salon or at home.

First, how to choose the right hair color

To judge whether your skin color is "cold" or "warm", take a piece of white paper in front of the mirror and compare the skin, if the skin is pink, then you belong to the cold skin color, if the skin is yellow or olive, then you belong to the warm skin color. Yellow skin tone: suitable for red colors, such as copper red, pink red, with beige red. Dark skin tone: Choose a brown or light coffee color 2-3 degrees lighter than your primary color, such as chestnut. Pale skin: young people can choose close to the skin color of light gold, brown gold; For older ones, you can use a thicker, brown-red color. Reddish skin tone: Don't use red colors, choose brown, flaxen. Brown, mocha, and chocolate are the most classic hair colors for Asian women. This season, add gold or copper highlights to warm brown and cool brown base colors suitable for Asian people, and the whole hair color and complexion will become more youthful and fashionable.


Highlights, block dyeing, make you younger! Highlights, block dyeing is a good choice this season, through the level of color changes and echoes with the hairstyle, the hair will be very dynamic and rhythmic, youthful breath. Recommend a few more classic hair color and hairstyle matching: smooth bangs with semicircular block dye; Asymmetric hair matching two-color dyeing technology; Classic Bob hair with classic highlights.


Even if you stay true to the original brunette, fine-tune the color to match your skin tone. Skin color is milky white, ivory color, transparent and delicate skin texture. Representative: Lin Zhiling. Best for dark hair: A warm brunette tone. A yellowish, dark orange or light brown complexion. Representative: Liti Chung. Best for dark hair: Dark brown, also a warm color, but darker than brown black. Pinkish white, pale white with a hint of red blood, or brown skin with a blue undertone. Representative: Fan Bingbing. Best for black hair: Cool tones of grey or blue black. Pale pale gray, bluish white, no red blood or slightly dark olive skin tone. Representative: Shu Qi. Best choice for black hair: Traditional authentic black.

Second, pay attention to hair coloring in professional hair salons

Try a wide range of moister hair colors and dyeing techniques that can instantly age you by five years. Especially in the technical work of highlights and layering, a good hair stylist will use it in different positions of the hair according to the different characteristics of the hair, so that your hair looks more colorful and three-dimensional. By the way, enjoy the professional hair care service after dyeing, changing the color of your hair while harvesting the moisture of your hair.


1, when you hold a magazine, pointing to a photo of a model, ask the hair stylist to do a exactly the same hairstyle, say ok hair stylist must not choose, competent hair stylist will be according to your needs to develop suitable for your hair color program.


2, if you can't imagine the effect of a small wisp of color on the color palette after dyeing the whole head, ask the hair stylist to find you a picture of Asian skin color models will be more intuitive, otherwise you will bear the huge cost of all the change of clothes.


3, if you fail to dye your hair, you can find a hairstylist to ask for free modification, but you can re-dye your hair color only one week after dyeing.


4, everyone's hair color is not the same, so the color results are not exactly the same, the hair color on the color board is only a guide color, the hair color results depend on the natural hair color, the natural hair. An experienced hair colorist will find the right dye according to the color palette you choose, sometimes more than one color of the dye, may need two or three colors to blend, if you insist on using the color palette to dye, usually out of the color you want

Third, DIY hair dyeing at home needs attention

Although the current home hair color cream in the formula has improved, the use of methods are more and more humane, but still do not want to be able to dye a black hair platinum at home, home hair color cream can do hair color change is 2 degrees lighter than the original hair color. But just the right tweaks can age you.


1, don't blindly believe the picture on the package, the model's hair color and your dyed hair color are two different things. Also, when choosing a color, compare the block on the box to your root color, not to the color you've dyed before.


2, the color you should choose must be a shade lighter than the target color, because the color of home hair dye is generally darker.


3, ammonia-free hair dye is able to reduce the damage to the hair, but most of the color can only reach deep brown, black and other dark natural colors, if you want obvious hair color still adhere to "ammonia-free", go to a professional hair salon to try L 'Oreal Paris professional hair INOA dye it.


Never miss the allergy test step 4. Never miss the allergy test step. Anyone can develop sudden allergies, no matter how many times you have successfully dyed your hair with this hair dye.


5. Watch out for curly hair! Because curly hair is dry, it absorbs hair dye easily and colors faster than straight hair. So reduce the amount of dye by 1/4, replace it with distilled water, and use as usual after mixing.


6. Get a simple trim before coloring your hair. Dry hair will have a lot of holes, can absorb too much hair dye, not only increase the use of dye, but also cause the dyed hair color uneven.


7, in the room temperature of 18℃-25℃ hair dye, color faster and more obvious. Do not dye your hair in the bath, water vapor will dilute the color of the dye, and do not use a hot towel or hair dryer to heat it, but it will make the color of the hair dye uneven.


8, if it is the first time to dye your hair, you should paint the ends of your hair and then the roots, if you have dyed it before, you need to reverse the order. The way to apply is to apply from the back of the head.


9, before thoroughly rinsing hair color cream, spray a small amount of water on the hair with a watering can and rub it slightly to ensure the most even hair color effect. Then rinse thoroughly with cold water in the END